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new baby, new mom

not brave enough

Most days, I feel like I'm standing right on the brink of a cliff. I can shuffle my feet 360 degrees and run back to my snug "known" life of three healthy children. OR I can close my eyes and jump - welcoming a 4th baby into my body, taking over our lives and our hearts. Truth be … [Read More...]

The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes

Top 14 Books of 2014

The main reason I started a goodreads account is because I can never remember what I am reading. Even if I have a book on my bedside table, the title and author often slip right off my tongue when anyone asks. It could be a case of book amnesia - but it's more likely that I just read far … [Read More...]

bedside table

public versus private

This post isn't about choosing a school system. It's about a journal on my white bedside table. Next to that is my Bible, written in and prayed over for the past fifteen years. There's almost always a library book there too. I still keep a video monitor so I can look in on my three … [Read More...]

Jinnah International Airport - Karachi, Pakistan

My Night in Pakistan

I spent one night in Pakistan when I was 15. Stuck somewhere between childhood and womanhood, I was far too young to grasp where exactly I was or how that trip would change me forever. Pakistan International Airlines had taken me from an airport in Dhaka, Bangladesh (where I had … [Read More...]

angels among us

morning sickness angels

For almost four months, I lay in our master bedroom - pale, dizzy, and dehydrated. Standing up led to throwing I stayed horizontal as much as I could. The year was 2008 and I was pregnant with our 2nd little girl. As with my first, I experienced severe hyperemesis … [Read More...]