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bicyclist at sunset

Dear A, 3 Years Old

Dear A~ I'm happy to say that I have savored your babyhood. I have taken the time to relish your laugh, your baby white-blonde curls, and your tiny, high-pitched voice (3-year-old voices really are THE BEST). I have held you during naptimes and let you sleep beside me in bed at … [Read More...]

YES to oil pastels

Yes Person

My niece and my daughter - both kindergarteners - were bent over a desert plant, enchanted by bunches of bright wildflowers. Not on purpose, I had walked up quietly and their conversation went on - undisturbed by an adult's presence. They were making plans for something - an afternoon … [Read More...]

13 years

13 is my lucky number

Two of my three babies were born on the 13th. Friday, the 13th - to be exact. Ever since those momentous days, I've always said with a sideways smile that thirteen is my lucky number. In January, Tim and I celebrated 13 years of married happiness (not just marriage). We decided to spend … [Read More...]

rv for a year

house hunting

In the last season - when all of my babies were babies - I liked to keep things small. Even a 300-square-foot RV seemed cozy for that year on the road. It felt right to have everyone within whispering distance. Now, though, I watch my girls grow (8, 6, and 2 - it's hard to believe) and … [Read More...]

grooming her pony

Dear O, 6 years old

Dear O, Whenever I think of you, my heart comes near to the bursting point with pride. You are an extraordinary little girl - both elegant and spunky, creative and careful. You adore the written language and pore over library books. On your own, you've read through stacks from our … [Read More...]