Dear Audrey, 6 months old

The one thing people say about you the most is that you are “such a happy baby.”

But they don’t know the half of it. You are always happy. Smiling widely, bringing delight to the world. Your laughter is like sunshine personified.

People also remark about your big beautiful blue eyes and your sweet persona. You’ll go into most anyone’s arms and swing your feet jollily.

A dream sleeper, you drift off between 8-9pm and wake up between 7:30-8:30am. We have a twin bed set up next to our bed that you start the night in, but you always end up by my side after about 1am. Side-by-side, we breathe together.

You started crawling at five months (the earliest of your sisters) and can get across any room in record time. You’re also sitting up without support, a little wobbly but you’ve mostly mastered it.

As for your diet, you eat most everything we do – with your signature smile. Salmon, avocados, bananas, lamb, french bread, tortillas, roasted carrots, squash, raspberries, pancakes, cantaloupe, you love it all. There hasn’t been one food that you’ve rejected.

We are grateful for your exceptional health. Like your sisters, you have an impressive immune system (thanks, in large part I know, to breastfeeding). You’ve passed the half year mark without so much as a sniffle.

At the dinner table, everyone calls first dibs on seats next to you. You sit in your chair, smiling and cooing. Adored, that is what you are. The big sisters are the best at making you belly laugh. They think you are the best baby ever.

As for daddy, you and he are rarely apart. He whistles you to sleep for naps and carries you ’round in his arms, at home and everywhere.

If anything will convince me to have another baby, I think it will be YOU. Because you are pure and utter joy. You have a gift for drawing people to you, for bringing hope in the midst of hard times.

Oh, Audrey, you are a a wonderful person. Observant and intelligent, friendly and fun. I don’t think you’ll ever understand how impossibly proud I am of you. Today and always.


    • stephsday says

      And now she’s standing. STANDING. At barely 7 months old. I have a feeling she’ll be walking before her first birthday! ;)

  1. says

    What is it about third-born babies? And it’s not even like my other two were bad…AT ALL! I think it’s just that they are so content because there are always people around for them to connect with. And I think we, as parents, become more relaxed and enjoy all the little things that much more. Such a joy!
    Happy 1/2 birthday, to Audrey!

    • Stephanie says

      So true, Jenny. I do think her cheerful disposition has much to do with the fact that we are more relaxed and confident as parents…and that she has two older sisters who adore her.

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