November 27, 2015
a house with a name

We moved in late July to a house with a front porch and a mountain view. Every single morning - and that's not hyperbole - I look north and am overcome with gratitude. If you've ever lived in a house that is a HOME, you know this feeling. It's as if we were meant for […]

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October 3, 2015
Dear K, 9 years old

"I can't bear it." You folded your hands over your face in misery. We were reading the final chapters of "Charlotte's Web" and, though this is probably our third time reading it, your tender heart is not unmoved. You have always felt things deeply - observing tiny details in nature and faces. You wish for a […]

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June 22, 2015
35 reasons

Nineteen years ago, we were standing in my parent's kitchen - pink tile and dirty dishes. The house was empty and you leaned over to take a kiss from my lips. My first kiss. A few days later, I told my parents, "I'm dating Tim Sheaffer." Matter-of-fact. I don't remember there being a big discussion. […]

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May 20, 2015
What's Your Super Power?

Anna leaned in close to my 6-year-old and whispered, "Do you have a super power? I do! Can you guess what it is?" She was perfectly in-character - sparkling eyes, a contagious and mischievous grin, and spunk for miles. My 6-year-old seriously pondered the question for a moment. "Caring?" She finally ventured. Anna was taken aback […]

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April 21, 2015
Dear A, 3 Years Old

Dear A~ I'm happy to say that I have savored your babyhood. I have taken the time to relish your laugh, your baby white-blonde curls, and your tiny, high-pitched voice (3-year-old voices really are THE BEST). I have held you during naptimes and let you sleep beside me in bed at night. As you always […]

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April 9, 2015
13 is my lucky number

Two of my three babies were born on the 13th. Friday, the 13th - to be exact. Ever since those momentous days, I've always said with a sideways smile that thirteen is my lucky number. In January, Tim and I celebrated 13 years of married happiness (not just marriage). We decided to spend the night […]

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