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We talk about moving. Daily now.

Mostly, our conversations keep us right here in the city of our birth. This city is in our faces now - the mountains reflecting, the days of endless sunshine kissing our noses with freckles.

Even after intensive travels, we can't quite get over the brilliant star-filled skies, the glorious pink sunrises illuminated by saguaros, the moderate year round climate, and the blessed absence of ticks and tornadoes. 

Every once in awhile, my mind drifts to Austin or Portland. But, for now, we'll make our living near family (a true gift) - with plenty of trips planned into the calendar to satisfy our yearning for continued growth + new adventures.

So we talk a lot about "the next house." We put circles around the map - debating the pros and cons of this area or that area. Most of all, we are looking for a house with a guesthouse or extra-large garage. Since working from home has become our way, it only makes sense to make an office space a priority. We yearn for a proper front yard and common space for our children to run free without having to be on high-alert for cars.

I read architecture books for fun these days - poring over plans. I even mapped out a schematic for a dream house of sorts. Not a mansion, mind you. An intelligently designed space with natural light and cozy nooks, wooden floors and bookcases. A basement would be nice, though not likely to be found in Southern Arizona.

Eventually, the right place will pop up on MLS. It might be all of those things or none of those things. It might be in two months or it might be in two years.

Wherever it is, I am hoping we can name it. Like Madeleine L'Engle and her Crosswicks or Pippi and her Villa Villekulla.

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