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March 11, 2014
a house with a name

We talk about moving. Daily now. Mostly, our conversations keep us right here in the city of our birth. This city is in our faces now - the mountains reflecting, the days of endless sunshine kissing our noses with freckles. Even after intensive travels, we can't quite get over the brilliant star-filled skies, the glorious […]

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September 11, 2012
How to Plan a Hiking Birthday Party

The night before her 6th birthday, I lay awake as mothers sometimes do. I worried that her party wouldn't be as special as she is. After a quick calculation, my husband and I noted that we probably spent $30 on the entire party. I had fallen prey to the idea that the higher the price […]

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January 17, 2012
you can't buy happiness at Target

She stands in the 3am light in the doorway of our master bedroom, one hand on her tiny hip. Pink monkey pajama pants. Sweetest of 2-year-old voices, "I need to go potty." I take her to the bathroom. We are both quiet, too tired to speak. Afterward, Tim opens his arms and she snuggles in, […]

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