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100 Things About Me
1. The most important things to me in life are God, my family, and other people.
2. Notice my most important things aren't really things.
3. I am not very materialistic. If you spill kool-aid on my bed or in my car, I will not be mad at you.
4. As a little girl, I was outgoing, imaginative, optimistic, and always ready to see the best in other people.
5. I was homeschooled through 8th grade and then went to a private college-prep high school.
6. I was the student body president and the homecoming queen my senior year.
7. I wasn't necessarily in the popular crowd, but I got along with everybody.
8. I met my husband in high school algebra class.
9. He swept me off my feet with his glistening green eyes, his boyish grin, his intelligence, his compassion.
10. He was the first person I ever dated.
11. He was also the last.
12. In college, I majored in English because reading and writing are two of my favorite past times.
13. I graduated with my B.A. in two years.
14. I took 18-25 credit hours per semester.
15. I also worked part time.
16. It was an exhausting period in my life.
17. But also rewarding.
18. Then, I married my husband and life got easier.
19. I have my masters degree in counseling.
20. I graduated with a 4.0.
21. I worked as a high school counselor for three years and a college academic advisor for one year.
22. I liked both jobs.
23. Then, I got pregnant.
24. Giving birth to my daughter was one of the best days of my life.
25. I gave birth to my daughter without any drugs.
26. And I would do it again in a heartbeat.
27. It hurt (oh how it hurt!), but there were so many rewards.
38. I thought I would go back to work part-time.
29. But then I couldn't bear to leave her. So I resigned.
30. But the Superintendent asked me to stay on and work from home in PR.
31. I said yes.
32. My hobbies pre-baby were scrapbooking, writing, reading, traveling, entertaining, and hanging out with my husband.
33. My hobbies post-baby are blogging, running, and going on long walks with my family.
34. I have competed in 2 5Ks and someday I hope to run in a 1/2 marathon.
35. I still like the pre-baby hobbies, but my time is now crunched.
36. I consider time to be my most precious asset.
37. I don't particularly like attending baby showers, bridal showers, or Mary Kay/Discovery Toys/etc. parties.
38. I currently work full-time.
39. Not in the traditional sense.
40. But I blog.
41. I'm writing a book.
42. I work from home in PR.
43. And I'm a mommy.
44. So technically I have four full-time jobs.
45. I love being in school - the thrill of learning, the possibility of growing, the questions that arise.
46. I want to get my Ph.D.
47. And teach at a university.
48. After my kids are older and in school.
49. I keep waiting for a reputable brick-and-mortar university to start an online (or partial online) Ph.D. program.
50. Because I can't stand being away from my daughter.
51. I like public speaking.
52. And event planning.
53. And being in charge.
54. I don't get easily offended and I rarely cry.
55. I always give more than is required of me in any job or on any project.
56. I see the good in people. And in every situation.
57. But I am also analytical.
58. I am an "idea" person.
59. I work until 1 or 2 a.m. every night.
60. I almost always respond to e-mails within 48 hours.
61. I prefer e-mails and text messaging to phone calls.
62. I believe in love.
63. I try to put other people before myself.
64. I wish I could end hunger and poverty and disease and abuse.
65. I wish all children could be born into love and health.
66. I think gratitude is important.
67. I write thank you cards weekly.
68. I have no allergies and I very rarely take medication of any kind.
69. I haven't been sick in two and a half years.
70. Not even a cold.
71. I'm grateful for that.
72. I save money.
73. I am content, but I'm always dreaming.
74. Someday, I hope to...
75. Write and publish books.
76. Live in a sustainable community where I can walk to the grocery store, a park, and a little cafe.
77. Speak at big conferences and Consult with big companies.
78. Travel around the world with my husband and kids.
79. Anonymously do things for people in need.
80. If I were rich, I would...
81. Hire a personal shopper.
82. I would tell her my sizes and my style preferences.
83. And she would do all the shopping for me. Preferably at Nordstrom and Bravissimo.
84. She would also do the grocery shopping.
85. I would also have a maid and a personal assistant.
86. And I'd hire a professional photographer four times a year (minimum) to follow my family around for the day and take candid shots.
87. Other than that, I'd pretty much live life the same way.
88. Except I'd partner up with a charity to help kids.
89. Or I'd start my own.
90. I like country music (and line dancing, yes).
91. I like wearing jeans and heels.
92. I like watching movies that have the perfect combination of action, romance, and drama.
93. I don't know what I would do without my laptop.
94. That's the one material possession that I'm materialistic about.
95. I wouldn't want to live in any other generation.
96. I love computers and the great big Internet and digital cameras and technology.
97. I have a Goal Book with a list of short and long-term goals.
98. I always look back and realize my dreams have come true.
99. God is good to me.
100. And I am in awe of the wonders in my life.
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