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Over the past fifteen years, I have written about and breathed life into hundreds of travel destinations. My particular talent lies in being able to truly capture the “essence” of a place, going beyond the typical tourist experience.

With a solid background in both journalism and creative writing, I am able to play with words to showcase the beauty of any location. Backed by in-depth research and interviews, I can paint words of color that will captivate your audience and draw them into the remarkable characteristics of your destination.

Although I can write almost anything you can dream up, my specialty is full length articles and fresh blog content. Not only can I draft killer content that it is a pleasure to read, I also am fully up-to-date on best practices for SEO to ensure that your digital content reaches your intended audience. 

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  • Taglines
  • Website/Digital Content

Places I've Written About...

Coronado, California

Gallup, New Mexico

Dude Ranches

Tucson, Arizona

Great Wolf Lodge

San Diego, California


Four Seasons

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