Colleges & Universities

Attract the right students, faculty members, and donors to your university by getting your mission across with compelling and beautiful storytelling. I can create digital/website content, long-form articles, blog posts, or copy for brochures and mailers that will engage your target audience.

Working with colleges and universities is a unique interest of mine because I love academia. I graduated with my undergrad degree in two years (this was before AP and dual enrollment high school courses were an option!) and went on to get my masters degree in educational counseling. I even worked simultaneously as a university advisor, assisting new students in their college and career pursuits. All that to say, I enjoy delving deeply into the culture of each college and university, helping you to put your best foot forward in recruiting students and professors.

No matter your project, I can write words to compel people to see the beauty of what makes your campus, curriculum, and community stand out.

A sampling of services:

  • Feature articles for magazines for prospective students and/or alumni
  • Blog & digital content about achievements, accomplishments, and people of interest within your community
  • Compelling and engaging content for brochures and mailers
  • Press releases about notable awards and news
  • Internal communications and letters
  • Speech writing for university presidents

If you have a writing project, I'm here for you!

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