13 is my lucky number

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13 years

Two of my three babies were born on the 13th. Friday, the 13th - to be exact. Ever since those momentous days, I've always said with a sideways smile that thirteen is my lucky number.

In January, Tim and I celebrated 13 years of married happiness (not just marriage). We decided to spend the night at a local resort - our first overnight away together since having children 8+ years ago. As we drove there, Tim said he had told his dad earlier, "We're not like normal people. We actually like being around each other."

It's a gift I often thank God for - this beautiful combination of trust, friendship, and romance. He's still my favorite person in the world.

P.S. Don't tell anyone we actually did some work on that getaway - emails, proposals, decisions, and discussions. So glad that we can be business partners too.

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