25 Things You Can Do TODAY to Make The World Better

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"I'm not sure I can run 4 miles," I told Tim yesterday, as I held my 1/2 marathon training plan in my hands.

"You don't have to run 4 miles," he answered non-chalantly, "you have to run one mile - four times."

Sometimes the problems of the world seem too large. I wrestle with the fact that I am not able to make a dent in the plight against poverty, AIDS, hunger, sex trafficking, depression, and illiteracy.

My muscles are not strong enough; my lungs have not become accustomed to longer runs.

But then it occurs to me that I can begin with one mile. One person. One small step toward a better world.

25 Things You Can Do TODAY to Make The World Better 1

Here are 25 things that you and I can do TODAY.

  1. Say a compliment out loud, instead of just thinking it in your head.
  2. Write a note to one of your childhood teachers to tell them how they impacted your life.
  3. Sponsor a child (or write a letter to your sponsored child).
  4. Leave a bottle of wine or sparkling cider on a friend's doorstep.
  5. Bake a loaf of bread and bring to anyone you know who has little ones under age 5.
  6. Buy a book for a child.
  7. Write a positive recommendation for a coworker or client on LinkedIn.
  8. Call your grandpa/grandma.
  9. Visit them, if possible.
  10. Comment on someone's blog post.
  11. Offer to take family photos, baby photos, or head-shots for a friend.
  12. Turn off your phone/computer and play - really PLAY - with your kids.
  13. Research what will be on the ballot for the next election so you can be an informed voter.
  14. Book a ticket to a developing country.
  15. Leave a chocolate bar on a coworker's desk.
  16. Send a pack of stickers to a kid in the mail.
  17. Register for a run/bike event that supports a good cause.
  18. Grab a trash bag and pick up litter in your neighborhood.
  19. Look into how you can become a foster parent.
  20. Snap a photo and send it to a friend or family member deployed in a faraway place.
  21. Give blood.
  22. Read a book that will alter your perspective.
  23. Think of your favorite author/blogger/artist. Write a note to tell him or her why you appreciate their work.
  24. Get the free Charity Miles app for your phone - and walk/bike/run for charity.
  25. Go through your closet and give handmedowns to a friend or nonprofit.

Note, I did run 4 miles - one at a time. It was hard. It was doable. I am sore. But now I know I can run five the next time.

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