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This past April, I attended Bloggy Boot Camp in Scottsdale, Arizona. Spearheaded by Tiffany Ramos and Francesca Bellini, the conference focused in on the business side of blogging.

I picked up almost everyone's card in attendance and enjoyed going through them one-by-one, making notes about outstanding designs.

Here are the top seven cards that stuck out to me:


My favorite card of the pack comes from media maven Danielle Elliot Smith.


PERSON: Danielle Smith of and

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THE CARD: I propose a new business card "rule of thumb." Always include a photo of yourself. Invest in a great headshot and include it on your card. Nothing makes a card more memorable than a face. I love that one side of Danielle's card is a (gorgeous) photo. Not easy to forget.



PERSON: Chloe Jeffreys of Generation Fabulous

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THIS CARD: Everything about this card screams "fun." Again, the highlight of the card is a bright, colorful, and personality-infused picture. To make the concept even more fabulous, Chloe had a variety of cards - all with different poses. Brilliant!



PERSON: Kim Janocko of Collective Bias

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THIS CARD: Very clear branding. Collective bias is known for their candy apple green and white color scheme - and this card plays on your memory. I also like the strong font with plenty of white space. The cornered edges are a great design element.



PERSON: Kim Byers of The Celebration Shoppe

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THIS CARD: Typically, I don't advise to veer from a traditional rectangular shape for a business card. In Kim's case, however, I think the circular style is whimsical and festive - which meshes exactly right for her brand. It's crystal-clear what her business is about.



PERSON: Aubrey Cota of Real Housemoms

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THIS CARD: Although I would have also loved to see a photo of Aubrey, I do like that the card features original photography from her site. There's no question about what kinds of posts you will find at Real Housemoms.



PERSON: Allison Waken of all for the everyday, all for the boys, and all for the memories

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THIS CARD: I appreciate the simplicity and professionalism of this card. No visual clutter. Super strong. Lots of white space, plus rounded edges. A good choice for someone like Allison who writes across a number of sites. Only one suggestion for her: add a picture.



PERSON: Wendy Wright of Choosing Love and Arizona Moms Network

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THIS CARD: The "heart tree" is beautifully illustrated and clearly unique (no clip art here!). I also love the double-sided card that features her two biggest ventures - super smart.


Have you seen any creative business cards lately?

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