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I see my husband far more than the average since we both work from home (aside from short gigs here-and-there).

He's actually working a contract job this month at the University of Arizona. It's part-time, temporary, 9am-4pm, three days a week. He leaves in the mornings, handsome in slacks and shaved face. Even before he walks out the door, I miss him.

Of course, I miss his help - when I'm nursing the babe and one of the big sisters urgently wants "a drink of water!" "a piece of paper!" "a dress-up dress!" "watch me dance!" "How do you spell...?" "Is it lunchtime yet?" "What should we DOOOO?" "I need to go to the bathroom!"

But I also miss HIM. His pensive green eyes. His laugh that makes me laugh. The way he paces the room, always-always moving. How he sees the world in color (instead of rigid black and whites).

You see: we make a great team. He's my best friend - and he's my best business partner too.

I think it's a myth that spouses shouldn't/can't work together. Our craziest and coolest BIG ideas are almost always formed together - in long conversations between the sheets and behind the wheel (yay, road trips!).

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Our truck is often our "conference room."

Someday, I'm pretty certain we'll be millionaires together - and no one will know. Because we'll still have a smallish house and we'll still wear the same clothes until they're good and washed and faded. We'll travel the world together. We'll do our best to shine a light so bright.

And even if we're not millionaires, we'll be so RICH.

Just like we are now.

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