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On most days, Tim and I are ready to pack up and move to the mountains. We could be real ranchers. "I'd build a greenhouse," Tim says. "I'd sit outside in my nightgown," I say. Our kids could run without hearing us yell to watch for the driveways. Tim would hunt and fish and use his indisputable Green Thumb to create a self-sustaining wonderland. I'd watch the sun rise and set with the lens of my camera. I'd let my fingers click-clack-click, letting my writing breathe in the silence.

On just as many days, we almost pick up and move to L.A. Smack dab in the middle of IT. The big city where innovation happens, where creativity is birthed. In a tiny condo, we'd brush shoulders with business people and academics. This is where entrepreneurship and education and change occurs. We'd pick a place within walking distance to the library, a natural foods grocery store, and a park.

Or maybe we ought to just move to Australia.

Truth is, we feel a little restless here in the suburbs. Is this where we want our kids to grow up, to define themselves? If not here, then where? And when?

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Please don't misunderstand. I am deeply grateful for this house, for friends to call dear, and for mountains that rise up in majesty. I appreciate the laughter of cousins, the purple sage blossoms beyond our backyard wall, and the wondrous desert weather that brings people from across the country.

I just wonder if this is where we are meant to be.

Do you live in the city, country, or suburbs? What are the three things you love most about your setting? What do you wish could be different?

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