Dear A, 4 years old

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Dear A,

Has there ever been a more obedient, cheerful, and delightful 3-year-old? I think you'd be hard-pressed to find one.

In fact, I'm somewhat sad that age three is coming to an end because you infuse so much goodness and virtue into our home.

A 4 years old

One of your very best qualities is that you are forever grateful. "Thank you" may be the most common words on your lips - you speak them earnestly and without prompting.

When we eat a meal, you will almost always pipe up, "This is a good dinner. Can we make it again?" You also volunteer to pray on all occasions - with a heart of thanksgiving. You pray that we will "not fight" and that everyone will be "safe." The whole world is on your mind.

Tim and I call you our little philosopher sometimes because your phrases are infinitely wise & beautiful beyond your years:

  • "The baby brother is like our sunshine."
  • "Your arms are stronger than mine - but God's arms are stronger."
  • "God is the only one who makes dreams come true. He is magic."

You often muse about the greatness and omniscience of God, but you also have a firm grasp on His love for you (and your love for Him). With childlike wonder, you believe.

When you grow up, you say you want to be a "cooker" (aka a chef) - and you do enjoy time in the kitchen. No matter what I start making, you pull up a stepstool next to the counter.

For the longest time, your favorite color was pink - but now you insist on blue (with pink as a second).

Your favorite things include reading books, playing with your sisters, and family movie nights. I would be remiss to not briefly mention your athleticism. You have the grace of a gymnast, the sure-footedness of a climber, and the speed of a runner.

As three comes to an end and four peeks in through the window, I already feel the warmth of the sun and the sweet breath of the breeze. I'm not sorry you're growing older. I'm just very, very proud of who you are.

With love always, Mom.

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