Dear K, 12 years old

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Dear K,

I'm glad you're finally twelve because, for the past few years, you've told us, "I've always wanted to be twelve."

Now that you're here, you'll probably be pining for fifteen. You've always been both mature for your age and one to look ahead with expectancy at the future.

Dear K, 12 years old 1

You are a to-do list maker. Responsible and careful. I never have to remind you to complete assignments or to pack your kneepads for volleyball. Forgetting isn't your style.

You are a vacation-packer. When a trip is planned, you immediately set to work, making lists and pulling out luggage. In fact, you pack matching outfits for each of your siblings for each day of our trips and I trust your judgment & completeness so entirely that I sometimes don't even know all of what you have packed.

You are a party-decorator. For your brother's 2nd birthday, you came up with and executed a "jungle" theme design throughout our house - complete with hanging vines, tissue paper floral arrangements, and an incredibly lifelike drawing of a lion's face.

You are a night owl, staying up even later than we do. You'll sit up in bed with a reading pillow behind your back, studying for Latin, scribbling out math problems, or listening to an audio book.

You are an artist, and your detailed sketches amaze and surprise us. You are also crafty and skilled with your hands. This past, year you have enjoyed pursuits in woodworking and sewing. When your sister's kindergarten costume for "book character day" fell apart, you were the one to sew it back together by hand.

You are a reader and you don't hesitate when someone asks for your favorite genre. "Historical fiction" comes out on top, followed by action, adventure, and mystery.

When it comes to school, your report cards are a straight line of A's. You earn them by practiced diligence, self-directed initiative, and exceptional organization. In truth, you shoulder more than your fair share of your at-home course-load due to the fact that you have three younger siblings.

Last year, you played volleyball and soccer - the two athletic offerings at your school. You preferred volleyball by a large margin. You'd probably enjoy trying other sports too because you ARE the kind of person who tries anything and everything.

Similarly, you want to GO PLACES and you get a little sir-crazy when monotony creeps into the schedule. You dream  of flying across the seas to an international destination and moving somewhere green when you are older.

Interestingly though, you take good-byes rather hard - whether given or received. I would say, overall, that you are a rather social person. Even if you are reading or doing algebra, you prefer to do it in a room with other people.

You have your eyes set on medical school or a doctorate degree already, but you also want to be a mother (which you will undoubtedly excel at, such is your great love for babies and young children). I can see you pursuing something art or architecture related too since your brain works in such mysterious and mathematical ways.

In many ways, you seem more like sixteen than twelve. You listen astutely to conversations and participate maturely. You think about things deeply and have cultivated very refined tastes in regards to literature, movies, and art. You are patient and gentle with young children. You are creative and compassionate, trustworthy and talented.

One more year to thirTEEN! Happy Birthday, beautiful. The best is yet to come.

Other Notes

  • Favorite foods: smoothies, ribs, twice baked potatoes, cheesecake
  • Hobbies: drawing, doodling, party planning, trip planning, hiking, reading
  • Interested in: anything travel-themed or related
  • Currently: taking violin lessons
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