Dear O, 6 years old

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Dear O,

Whenever I think of you, my heart comes near to the bursting point with pride. You are an extraordinary little girl - both elegant and spunky, creative and careful.

prairie birthday girl

You adore the written language and pore over library books. On your own, you've read through stacks from our shelves - surprising us by sounding out words far beyond your age. Like me, you can't quite turn your "reading brain" off. You read street signs, menu items, letters, addresses. Words bewitch you and you master them with such eloquence.

At age six, you continue to write poems. Your imagination takes wings and soars - transporting you to far off places in time and space.

When it comes to homeschooling, you are a delight to teach. Quick, confident, motivated - and your eyes are full of light. You genuinely love learning and almost never turn down an opportunity to "practice" new concepts.

My favorite is to hear you recite poems and Bible passages - with such dramatic flair. You are a born stage performer, pausing at exactly the right places.

Other things you do - you are athletic and crazy-fast. Your small frame gives you an advantage in sports as you dodge past older players. No wonder you enjoy "catch" and "tag" so much. I took you to a karate class once and you were a natural - kicking and shouting with quiet strength.

You also enjoy art and hiking, dancing and "dreaming." Your career aspirations include: a horseback riding teacher, someone who cares for horses, a writer, and an "arter" (artist).

When it comes to food, you are somewhat selective (though you try very hard to have a good attitude). You are constantly requesting something "fresh" (fruit or vegetables).

grooming her pony

For your birthday, you had very specific requests - a piƱata, root beer floats, and only a very few of the people closest to you. You've never been much for crowds. In groups, you tend to wait before running off with same-age companions - being cautious with your trust.

In place of a material gift, I took you on a riding lesson (it was our compromise since you wanted a pony). You were sparkly-eyed as you combed and rode that brown pony. "Can we buy her so I can go trot-trot-trot by myself?" you asked, little hands folded together with glee.

It seems hardly possible that you are six. Growing up so fast. Before long, you'll be packing up and on your way - books in your bag, ink smudges on your fingers. Wherever you go, whatever you do, tuck this away with you - you are a treasure and we love you much more than even words can express.

Happy Birthday.

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