Dear O, 7 years old

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Dear O,

Otherwise known as our poet.

At age seven, you are a gem of a girl with a sparkling and winsome personality. Unafraid of stage lights, you glisten in the spotlight. As in previous years, you are adept at penning and performing beautiful poems with titles that would make even famous authors sit up in their seats. In fact, rarely a day goes by when you don't write prolifically. You have your own blue leather journal, which you attend to with surprising regularity for your age.

O 7 years old

Your favorite things are easy to pin down because you are so adamant about the things you love. Namely: horses, apples, art, reading, and imaginative exploits.

You are quite serious about saving any money you receive on birthdays and tooth fairy visits because you are "saving up for a horse" (or a ranch, depending on the day). For now, you seem content with your miniature horses - lined up on your dresser.

In the food department, you still insist upon "FRESH" food - fruit, vegetables, and homemade bread (piping hot and smeared with butter). On the eve of your birthday, we were dining at Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse with friends. The waitress brought out a cupcake and the whole room sang a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday." Your sweet cheeks were flushed, bright eyes shining. After about two minutes, you took a nibble of the cupcake and whispered to me that you couldn't possibly eat it because it wasn't "fresh." Polite, but firm. You also can't stand any form of cooked tomatoes (including on pizza). Even a glimpse of one may result in despair around the dinner table. At the tip-top of your favorite foods are apples - especially Snow White red ones.

Your career ambitions are many (and revolving), but "artist" and "doctor" and "horse trainer" typically make the list. Also: "writer" and "mother." You will be tip-top at any of those - especially considering your knack with words, your love of animals, and your insistent bravery.

You remain a very strong reader - cruising through first grade primers to chapter books several grades up. It is a delight to hear you read aloud because you pause in all the right places - and even use character voices!

You are also a determined and lightning fast runner...often coming in at winning speeds at your school's annual 5k.

At bedtime, I tend to watch the clock - not because I tire of you, but because I know that you need your beauty sleep. On most nights, you're happily tucked away and dreaming sweetly without arguments by eight pm. Seven-thirty is even better.

I love you, little golden girl. You are cherished beyond words (and, as you know, that's really saying something).

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