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Someday, when we settle down again -

I'd like to live in a city where...

  • home birth is legal
  • homeschooling is alive and well
  • or there are innovative educational models available
  • the library, the park, & the grocer are within a 5-mile radius of my house
  • there is a thriving university or liberal arts college
  • GOOD produce is available - fresh + juicy + organic
  • there are bakeries that actually know how to make scones & shortbread
  • people stop and say hello when you are walking by
  • I have close friends who live next door and down the street
  • extra wide sidewalks weave throughout the town, inviting runners and walkers
  • there are big trees with wide trunks and overhanging branches
  • there are mountains, grand and glorious
  • there are scenic places for Tim to bike
  • and impressive hiking trails nearby
  • the crime rate is low
  • cleanliness is a virtue
  • entrepreneurship is at a high
  • technology is an important part of business life
  • the economy is thriving
  • almost everyone volunteers regularly
  • the houses are minimalist and unique (with front porches)
  • stay-at-home parents are rock stars (not literally)
  • kids are celebrated and welcomed
  • people are bilingual (or multilingual)
  • taxes are low
  • the humidity is minimum
  • the mosquitos don't bite
  • the winters are mild

I took the free survey at FindYourSpot.com and my top 3 cities are (1) Asheville, NC, (2) Bloomington, IN, and (3) Olympia, WA - in that order. I know it's probably not super accurate, but now I DO want to visit those cities.

Do you think my dream city exists? If so, where do you think it is? What would YOUR dream town be like?

I am in no way associated with FindYourSpot.com. I just think it's fun. Fair warning - you do have to provide contact info to get your results. If you take the survey, please share your top 3 cities!

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