Fifteen and Forever

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Besides when I roll out of bed in the morning and stretch my aching back, I mostly feel like a twenty-two-year-old.

I am surprised when I catch a glimpse of my face in the mirror and see creases around my eyes and cheeks.

Wasn't it just yesterday that Tim picked the seat next to mine in Algebra? I still remember the tug in my heart the first time he held my hand in Sabino Canyon.

We were just kids - and now we have four kids of our own.

It's been a beautiful thing to grow up together. Every once in awhile I come across an article with stats about how high school romances don't work out in the end, but our experience has been altogether different.

If I could take a time machine back to 1998, I'd whisper to myself to not be afraid. I would choose him a thousand times over. I'd still cheer for him at soccer games and kiss him at drive-in movie theaters. I'd still say YES on Mount Lemmon when he took a knee.

To celebrate fifteen years this week, we went away to a local resort with the baby in tow. We dined on king crab legs and prime ribeye with roasted brussels sprouts. We sipped bubbly champagne in our room and toasted to hopes and happy things, clinking glasses. We mooned over the baby and glowed in gratitude.

"What will you do at the resort?" the girls had asked us before we dropped them off with grandparents. "Well," Tim answered, "Some couples might watch TV, but we'll talk and talk and work on business." He and I both smiled at the truth of it. Exactly the way we both want a getaway to be. Intimate and productive.

Long ago (ten years or more), I gave Tim a greeting card that had a picture of a woman and a man smashed together somewhat uncomfortably on a couch. The caption read, "I just can't get close enough to you." That's how I still feel today.

Words are not powerful enough to describe how content I am to be Mrs. Sheaffer.

Let it be known far and wide that I am thoroughly happy to be Tim's wife. These last fifteen years have been the very best of my life. His friendship, his goodness, his character, his love for God and for our family - all gifts.

Back in high school, my car radio was almost always tuned to the country station. Sometimes the songs still play in my head. This one is on repeat tonight, "You will always be the miracle that makes my life complete, And as long as there's a breath in me, I'll make yours just as sweet. As we look into the future, it's as far as we can see, So let's make each tomorrow be the best that it can be."

I love you, Tim Sheaffer. Today, tomorrow, and forever.

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