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In the last season - when all of my babies were babies - I liked to keep things small. Even a 300-square-foot RV seemed cozy for that year on the road. It felt right to have everyone within whispering distance.

Now, though, I watch my girls grow (8, 6, and 2 - it's hard to believe) and I think more about their childhood memories. Will they have private spaces to escape to? Will we have enough room to invite guests from far away to stay? Will our house be the fun house where all of their friends want to be?

About a month ago, we saw a brick house that won't let go of me. When we walked around the empty rooms, it was almost as if I could see "scenes" in my mind of the future. In the backyard - a large table set, glittering lights, dinner party in-progress. In the family room - stockings hung at the fireplace, children laughing at simple holidays. Under the clothesline - hanging fluttery linens while my belly expands with new life. On the porch - writing a picture book with a cup of coffee on the table.

People keep asking what we're looking for in a house. My checklist would go something like this - a north-facing backyard big enough for exploring and for dinner parties, 4 bedrooms, an interesting architectural entrance, drivable within 15 minutes to "everything" (the library, grocery stores, pa & ma's house, etc).

Beyond that, there are other minor wishes - natural lighting, a counter in the laundry room, an extra-large garage or workshop, fruit trees, a swimming pool. Many of those things we can add later.

That brick house might be out of our price range. There might be another one just about to hang a for sale sign. Either way, I believe in miracles and I believe in happy endings. We'll see what happens next.

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