How to Help A Friend...Who Has the Flu

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What do you do when a friend posts on Facebook that she has the flu? Or perhaps you hear through the grapevine that your neighbor has the stomach bug?

Since a 24-hour virus of some kind just passed through our house, I thought I'd take a moment to record what kind of items would be helpful to include in a simple care package.

How to Help A Friend...Who Has the Flu 1


  • a box of Saltines
  • a bottle of Sprite
  • a pair of cozy slippers
  • a cup of hot chicken noodle soup
  • a set of new pajamas
  • a DVD - preferably a light comedy or family film
  • a bottle of chewable Vitamin C
  • a meal for the rest of the family

Choose a few of the items listed above and put them in a basket or gift bag. If you are low on time or money, choose just one item and tie a simple "get well" note on it.

Since you want to stay well yourself (and your friend probably isn't looking or feeling her finest), there's no need to stop and chat. In fact, I recommend that you send a text or voicemail that simply says "Hi, Friend! I left something on your doorstep!"

What do you do when a friend is sick? What other items would you suggest for a "get well" care package?

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