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  1. I have a Facebook and Twitter account (but not MySpace - that's old school).
  2. I haven't read the newspaper in over a year (but I know about every world disaster and political scandal before the news airs).
  3. I prefer texting to talking on the phone.
  4. I think email is on its way out as the primary form of electronic communication (maybe Facebook is too).
  5. I care deeply about social issues (poverty, AIDS, abuse).
  6. I believe in grassroots movements and the power of a few people coming together to change the world.I Am Generation Y 2
  7. I am concerned about the future of our planet. I recycle. I buy organic produce, meat, and milk. I don't litter. I want to start a garden. I try to buy locally as much as possible.
  8. I feel disconnected from the "Republican versus Democrat" model of politics (but I am very interested in being involved in what is happening in my city, state, and country).
  9. I am unimpressed by titles (and hierarchical structures turn me off).
  10. I strive to give my best to the world.
  11. When I am at a conference, in a class, or in a church service - I don't want to be lectured at. I want to INTERACT with the message and the people around me - preferably through some form of technology.I Am Generation Y 3
  12. I am skeptical of organized religion and I question "the way things have always been."
  13. BUT I love God (and I do still go to church).
  14. I am deeply committed to my marriage. My husband and I are best friends - and we talk about EVERYTHING.
  15. I think the most meaningful work that I can do is raising my kids and I will turn down certain "career opportunities" in order to be involved in their lives.
  16. I don't think I should be the only one washing the dishes and watching the kids. Neither does my husband.
  17. I don't buy the hard-handed style of discipline that my grandparents and parents used.
  18. I know I have a lot to learn from people that are older than I am (including my parents & grandparents). I also feel that I have a lot to learn from those who are younger than me - including kids.
  19. I don't want to be labeled. I am not "conservative" or "liberal." I am not a "tree hugger" or an "attachment parent." I am not a "baptist" or a "methodist." I'm just me and I'm not black-and-white.
  20. In fact, even the "GENERATION Y" label gives me pause. Because there are a lot of things that I do that are contrary to my generation. For example, I rarely watch TV (maybe 1 hour per WEEK). I spend HOURS out in nature with my kids. I send handwritten thank you cards weekly. Oh, and I don't wear hoodies over my head (that was just for the picture). ;)

What "generation" are you a part of? Which of the points on my list do you relate with?

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