If I had to describe you in one word

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If I had to describe you in one word, I'd choose hard-working.

But not in the typical American way, moving up the rungs of a ladder...while your family waves from below.

Not that kind at all. You work hard on the things people SAY matter, but then they don't really follow up.

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For example: you know your daughters, really know them. Because you're right there with me. Taking them to the bathroom. Brushing their teeth. Buttoning up their dresses. Putting on their shoes for the bazillionth frustrating time. In the middle of the night, they call for "Daddy" (just as often as "Mommy") - and you go to them.

You are not afraid to love people. Even the ones with wrinkly hands and chairs with wheels and hurts like a shadow over their hearts. You won't get anything in return, but you give anyway.

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And who is the one who mops around here? Scrubs toilets? Bleaches sheets? Tosses homemade pizzas? Chops vegetables? Keeps the garden? Kills bugs and weeds and bad spirits? Yes, you. Man among men.

In the middle of all that, you have a resume that is too-good-to-be-true. BA in Psychology (though you always say you should have pursued Business instead - and I agree). Masters in Christian Leadership. Prior experience in the police force, social services, and ministry.

Plus, you are a technology wiz and web design pro - I'm pretty sure you ought to charge for all the my-computer-won't-work phone calls you get at all hours of the day + night.

AND everybody always likes you. How could they not? Because they sense that deep undercurrent of care. They also know you will tell the honest truth (so rare).

Anyone can go to a job. Push papers. Go to lunch with colleagues. Sit in a swivel chair. You're good at doing those things too, by the way. You totally know how to wear a tie and work a crowd.

But you...you're also different. You wouldn't boast about these things. Most people probably don't even know the way you love us so deeply and think about others so fully.

I want you to know that I know that you are anything but ordinary.

(And I am so grateful).

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