I'm a BIG spender. I am.

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I spend my time - lavishly - on...

park trips
kiddie pool dips
holding a baby on my hip
answering “why?”
wiping eyes dry
long talks at night
lingering in the yellow sunlight
baking cookies and licking the spoon
reading MargaretWiseBrown’s goodnight moon
trying to avoid the status quo
but also just trying to go with the flow
holding small hands – so soft, so sweet
walking through grass in bare summer feet
getting open-mouthed kisses
as I wash the dishes
praying for wisdom, for grace, and for rest
striving to give my best of the best

I'm a BIG spender. I am. 1

I spend my heart - lavishly - on the people around me. And just when I feel I don't have any more to give, I realize my heart is full again - all the way to the brim. (I'm pretty sure that's how giving works).

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