I'm Attending Re:Write 2012!

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This September, I'll be sleeping at a resort - in San Diego, California.

I'm Attending Re:Write 2012! 1

I'll be listening to this terrific line-up of speakers. Let's play a game - How many of these faces do you recognize? Hint: You'll find George Barna, Ken Blanchard, and the author of The Shack in this mix. There's also a woman who adopted two teenage boys from Africa, a director of documentaries, and "one of the most connected people in the world."

Needless to say, this conference is going to be good.

I'm Attending Re:Write 2012! 2

Topics that will be covered include: blogging, social media, self-marketing, branding, and making money as a writer in the ever changing world of publishing.

Join me at Re:Write 2012? (I'd really love it if you would).

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