If I could make a living out of loving you, I'd be a millionaire in a week or two

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Dear Tim,

I just realized we've been together longer than we've been apart. I was sixteen when you surveyed that Algebra classroom and chose the seat next to mine.

How could I have known that a blonde-haired boy would forever change the course of my life?

But then again, you have always been full of surprises. Quite the opposite of predictable. It made sense that you were the Captain of the Soccer Team and Star of the Track & Field Team, with your lungs of steel. But then you ran for Student Body President your Senior year - and won. You sang Gospel Choir in college - touring middle America. You got your Master's degree and rode dirt bikes and flew to Ukraine and stood over your brother's grave with a gentle strength that I will never forget.

Remember when you interviewed with the police department after undergrad, donning your button-up and tie? Later, I pinned a rose to your uniform as you graduated from the academy. You were the best sort of policeman because you have always been able to see thru people, in people. You could fight the bad guys with one hand behind your back...but also were armed with things that the force could never issue. Integrity and compassion.

Later, you worked as a pastor, than an RV full-timer...now you clock your time as a realtor, an internet entrepreneur, an audio book reader, a relentless dreamer.

Not to mention a father of three little girls who adore you. They think you can fix any faucet, cure any ailment, outrun any assailer, fly all the way up to the moon. Actually, so do I. You're the problem-solver. The brave doer. The let's-try-it-and-see-what-happens inventor of the future.

The coming years are sure to bring plenty more mysteries. Adventures galore. Life is never a bore when I'm with you.

A few days ago, we were standing in the kitchen. You pulled me in, "You're still the person I like being with the most." I leaned in and looked up, "Same here." Same here.

Tim and Steph forever
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