The Picture Book Curriculum

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Now that we are homeschooling, people ask us what curriculum we are using.

The true answer is: picture books. Oh, the history, the science, the mathematics, and the vocabulary we learn from picture books! With poetry and illustrious illustrations, we learn about Albert Einstein and Wilma Rudloph, the Holocaust and homesteading, leukemia and loneliness, phonics and France.

The girls say "Ciao!" for hello. They point out fungi on a family hike. They ask if they can put out their shoes on St. Nick's Day. They use words like "ridiculous" and "impressive" and "fortunately." All from picture books.

Never underestimate the power of children's books to teach the basic necessities of education and of the heart. If I had to choose between my curriculum and my library card, I would choose the latter.


P.S. We're also supplementing with the My Father's World 1st Grade curriculum.

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