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This post isn't about choosing a school system.

It's about a journal on my white bedside table. Next to that is my Bible, written in and prayed over for the past fifteen years. There's almost always a library book there too. I still keep a video monitor so I can look in on my three sleeping beauties (even though my youngest really doesn't qualify as a baby anymore at age two).

bedside table

I've been wrestling for the past year over what to post publicly for the world to see and what to keep in black print at my bedside.

In many ways, a journal seems more romantic - and it certainly is more private.

Lately, however, I have begun to think that I prefer the posts that are spoken "out loud."

Public posts allow me to tell stories of love given and received, to capture little bits of glass of the every day and hold them up to the light. I like the give-and-take in the comments section. I like the way you (the reader) and I (the writer) become better friends. I like learning from you...and learning about myself through the process of writing. I like reaching out way into the future and leaving my children with my thoughts.

That's what I want this space to be. Just me. And you. A record of this moment in time that will never be here again.

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