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I still remember your 19th birthday. I planned an elaborate scavenger hunt around town - hiding clues under park benches and in library books. Remarkably, they were all still there when I sent you on that wild hunt. The maze led you to a fancy resort in the foothills. I was standing there in a glittery dress, the one that you always told me was a little too tight to be decent.

We ate dinner next to the window, using a "buy one get one 1/2 off" coupon from the entertainment book.

Today was a wee bit different, wouldn't you say? I had things to do for our business in the morning and then we piled all three girls into our Camry to go craigslist car-shopping. After three years as a "one car family," we're at the cusp of a new season - as you jump into real estate and we continue pursuing this crazy-wonderful entrepreneurial life .

It's after midnight and you're out with the next door neighbor now - brewing beer, talking, doing that thing you do. Making friends. Building bridges. You're good at that.

Back in 1999, age 33 seemed a lifetime away. But here we are. And the truth is - you're better than ever.


I've watched you change - change careers, change perspectives, change lives. You still work harder than anyone I know, but you also love harder too. The three blonde angels asleep down the hall think you hung the moon in the sky.

Come to think of it, so do I.

Every single decision I ever make I consult with you - because I know you to be honest, creative, able to think in color, highly intelligent and verbal - while also being ready to listen. You can take any problem and create the most unexpected solutions. I've always said that if we ever get stranded on an island a la Swiss Family Robinson, we'd be just fine.

There will be no scavenger hunt tonight - unless following a parade of dolls and stuffed animals through the living room counts. You won't mind though. The truth is - this is the life we always wanted.

Happy Birthday to a doer, a dreamer, a succeeder, a believer, a go-getter, and a do-gooder.

The news reports are saying that there is a "supermoon" tonight...which seems fitting. I have a feeling that thirty-three will be your brightest and finest year yet.

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