The success of other people does not equal your failure

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I want to say something - something important.

The success of other people does not equal your failure.

Think about the last time that someone you knew - a friend, family member, or acquaintance - did something amazing. Perhaps she published a novel or he was interviewed on CNN or she struck gold with an awesome business idea. Or maybe he wrote a blog post that garnered hundreds of one hour. Or she was invited to a Microsoft or Disney or Nikon event.

Did you immediately celebrate for your friend - in your heart and in your actions? Or was there a sinking feeling inside of you, a little voice that said, "Not you. Not you. It could have been you, but it's not you."

I think it's human nature to feel secretly distressed by other people's success, because - you could have won that prize or been featured in the Times or come up with that business plan or baked that cake that awed everyone at the party. It could have been you! {But it wasn't}.

So, you feel a little bit smaller, a little bit defeated and deflated.

But I want to tell you to stomp on that voice, to hit the mute button. Because there is room. Plenty of room.

There is room for your creativity, your ideas, your writing, and your success. I know it feels like the party is crowded, that you're being pushed to the back of the room ("standing room only") or out of the door, with a martini and a hors d'oeurve in your hand, shuffling your feet nervously. But that isn't true.

So please don't hesitate to celebrate your friend. GO now. Buy her book. Tell everyone you know to watch him on TV. Share an idea to help her business become even more successful. Comment on his blog post. Buy her a souvenir for that super-awesome, invitation-only event. Yes.

Don't let that record play. The one that beats down at your soul and points fingers at your ambition and sings in a jeering tune, "Not YOU! You could have done it. But it's not you!"

Instead, turn on the symphony - the beautiful, inspiring one that says, "There's room. There's room enough for everyone."

And when your friends make it, when they're up there among the stars - celebrate them...clap...scream your lungs out...cheer...give them more ideas  - so that they can shine even brighter.

The success of other people does not equal your failure 1

And I'll let you in on a little secret. As you give more, you'll start shining brighter too.

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