three small children and entrepreneurship

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It's 11pm and the baby isn't asleep.

Tim walks around the kitchen in track pants and TOMS shoes, holding her, humming deeply.

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Tomorrow will be another day to try to figure out how to have three small children and an entrepreneurial life.

Our days are atypical - both of us at home - equally sharing in the tasks of moneymaking, baby rocking, replying to emails, making phone calls, making lunches, closing deals, buttoning up princess dresses, and mopping the floors (okay, fine, Tim does all the mopping).

When people ask what we "do," we used to answer with our latest clients/projects. Lately, though, we just say WHY we do it instead. "We're entrepreneurs because we want to spend as much time as possible with each other and with our kids."

The contracts fluctuate, but the mission remains the same.

Working from home isn't idyllic. Our house is LOUD and there are always little voices, needing a glass of water or a book to be read or a back to be scratched or a question to be answered. And now there is a newborn babe to be nursed too.

Back in grad school, we wouldn't have predicted this future. Between us, we've held a number of job titles: Police Officer, Guidance Counselor, Rehabilitation Specialist, Pastor, Editor, and Travel Writer.

All of those jobs have led us to our house. 9-5 and 5-9. We're always on-the-clock. AND always together - exactly what we've dreamed of for so long.

This is our unfolding story (and it's totally keeping me on the edge of my seat).

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