What's Your Super Power?

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chatting with Anna

Anna leaned in close to my 6-year-old and whispered, "Do you have a super power? I do! Can you guess what it is?" She was perfectly in-character - sparkling eyes, a contagious and mischievous grin, and spunk for miles.

My 6-year-old seriously pondered the question for a moment. "Caring?" She finally ventured.

Anna was taken aback by this answer. She placed her hand on her heart and looked up at me, "Why, yes! I was going to say that I can make a whole plate of chocolate disappear (by stuffing it in my mouth) - but that's a super power too."

I shyly beamed with pride from the sidelines.

After all, there are many different kinds of super powers, but caring is one of the best a person can possibly have. Far better than flying or invisibility or turning the world to ice.

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