April 13, 2019
Dear O, age 10

Dear O, You are fire and ice, sugar and spice. You are so much like the ocean - raging waves, whispering peace. Although you don't have red hair, you and Anne Shirley are truly kindred spirits. Intelligent. Stubborn. Winsome. Almost always with a book in your nose or a pencil in your hand, you remind […]

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October 13, 2018
Dear K, 12 years old

Dear K, I'm glad you're finally twelve because, for the past few years, you've told us, "I've always wanted to be twelve." Now that you're here, you'll probably be pining for fifteen. You've always been both mature for your age and one to look ahead with expectancy at the future. You are a to-do list […]

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September 9, 2018
Dear H, 2 years old

Dear H, When you wake up in the morning (around 6:45-7:00am), you unfailingly say two things. First, you command: "Eat!" You are always ravenous upon waking and often eat three breakfasts in a row. Next, you say: "Outside!" You want to be out in the great wide open - watering the plants, digging in the […]

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April 26, 2018
Dear A, 6 years old

Dear A, This is the picture that comes to my mind when I think of your childhood. Hanging upside down from the monkey bars. Climbing to the very tip-top of trees. Running at full speed with your curls flying behind you. Riding roller coasters with your arms up in the air. You are daring - […]

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March 18, 2018
Dear O, 9 years old

Dear O, Sometimes I wonder what you will be doing in ten, fifteen, twenty years. Mostly because you are such a remarkable child. Peculiar maybe too. For example, you constructed a very impressive looking robot out of cardboard and tin foil. You've named him Anji and you have all sorts of grand plans for programming […]

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September 12, 2017
Dear K, 11 years old

Dear K, What you did on your birthday says something about you. We hiked eight miles out-and-back to Seven Falls at Sabino Canyon. You and a friend chatted during the walk - about school, volleyball, and career aspirations. "Let's both be doctors in the same field and work in the same office," you said to […]

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